UEM as an organization is committed to empower the grassroots in the socio and economic areas with the passion to bring about a holistic transformation among the unreached and neglected communities in a given geographic area.


Social Transformation

Each community worker trains people in literacy project through which they learn to read and write for themselves and in turn teach others. Literacy campaigns help people to be socially empowered to read and write for themselves. With literacy, health and hygiene programs and general medical clinics are conducted in villages. 

Economic Transformation

While continuing the literacy campaigns each community worker brings people who are unemployed and unskilled to be trained in vocational skills. A suitable training depending on the geographic location is offered. This training helps them to get a job or to set up a small business to support their families.
Thus far we have served 7,35,987 familes in 1368 communities and have trained 75,240 individuals in literacy and vocational training. We are currently serving in 72 communities across the nation of India.

Medical and Eye Glass Clinics

UEM through the years have conducted free medical and eye glass clinics across the country. Many underprivileged people were benefitted as they could not afford to go and visit a doctor and a hospital.  These clinics were conducted with the help of various local doctors available in the areas. All those who have attened these clinics have received free treatment, medicines and eye glasses. 

Bore Wells

In many communities, people do not have access to clean water resources. They have to go to distant places to fetch water. Many of the waterbodies are contaminated due to industrial waste. Recognizing the need for a clean drinking water in various communities, UEM has embarked on a mission to dig bore wells and place hand pumps. In many places bore wells have to be dug as deep as 700 to 800 feet below to get water. Due to the depth submersible motors are fixed to draw water. UEM has dug so far five borewells in various communities


Flood Relief


The incessant rains which have devastated the state of Kerala and the untold damage done to crops, properties and personal belongings led UEM to do a relief work. UEM recognized the immediate needs of the flood affected people and has proposed to provide 1) Two meals a day for two hundred families for one month 2) Clothing 3) Clean Drinking Water. Each family received clothing, a sack of rice, lentils, sugar, cooking oil and zoen water filters.

Humanitarian Aid

UEM is providing stationeries, bedding, quilts, clothing, sports items, toys, etc freely to the needy and underprivileged children in various projects across India. The fortified food packets help children have a nutritious and a wholesome food. Rain and winter jackets are provided to the needy people in the Communities.