Records show that every 26 minutes a woman is molested, every 34 minutes a rape takes place, every 42 minutes a sexual harassment incident occurs, every 43 minutes a woman is kidnapped, every 93 minutes a woman is burnt to death over dowry. 44.5% of girls are married before the age of 18. 40% of married women suffer physical abuse every day. Female foeticide; infanticide and human trafficking are rampant. The reasons attributed are lack of education, lack of access to health and basic human rights, harmful practices and lack of access to economic resources.

The Vision to Empower Women

After witnessing the incredible suffering women went through because of poverty, injustice and oppression; and whose morale was destroyed and dignity assaulted, Mrs. Joyce Peters took a step of faith to help and empower such women. This women empowerment program was named TALITHA CUMI which means “Young woman, Arise!” 

Aim of the Program

With a strong belief in the right of a woman to live life with dignity,  UEM has  undertaken to train women in tailoring and other skills  to make them self-sufficient and earn an individual  income, thus ensuring  all round development and nurture of  the family.  It has instilled a sense of confidence in them that they too can stand on their own feet.

Joyce Lynn Peters
Mrs. Joyce Peters

TALITHA CUMI has empowered women today, who are presently being trained to use their skills to make garments. The women have proved faithful, industrious, teachable and flexible minded to adapt to training for new skills. They had to undergo personal training in health and hygiene.

At Talitha Cumi Center

At Talitha Cumi, women are trained in tailoring, right from the basics to stitching frocks, shirts, baby frocks, embroidery and knitting. They are taught how to tailor on sewing machines. The garment industry in India is booming and there are very promising opportunities for the women to find jobs and become skilled, independent women.

Many of the women have found jobs in garment factories.  They are earning well and are able to support their families.  A few women have opened their own tailoring shops and are stitching women’s garments.  UEM has gifted sewing machines to a few women who were unable to purchase one through sponsors who have come forward to donate sewing machines.

For these women, the painful past has become a distant shadow. The new life provided to them by TALITHA CUMI has filled them with hope and promise of a good tomorrow.